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C-First Connect Portal [Request more info]

Accessing your company’s employee records is quick and easy with ComplyFirst Connect, our secure portal connects you to your company’s database. Employee medical records, results of drug screen testing, and other employee history are at your fingertips 24/7. You can request procedures, track results or update information any time of day. The system can be customized to license expiration.

One stop portal to all of your employee information includes:

  • • Drug Testing
  • • Physical Exams
  • • Electronic Record Keeping
  • • Ordering Tests
  • • Background Screening

Medical Exams [Request more info]

DISA offers a wide array of physical exams to fit your company’s needs including pre-employment, annual, executive and exit physicals to ensure compliance with the legal requirements of OSHA. Taking compliance to the next step, ComplyFirst brings compliance to physical exams by implementing your company protocols nationally.

Pre-employment medical exams allow you to establish a baseline of a worker’s physical health. Annual physicals check such basics as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, diabetes, pulmonary function, TB testing and more.

Protocol screenings include:

  • • Sleep Apnea
  • • Medication impairing driver judgment
    (e.g. psychotropic drugs, smoking cessation drugs…….)
  • • Cardiac Conditions
  • • Medically (MD) reviewed exams
  • • Implement and coordinate your medical documentation program

Wellness Programs [Request more info]

Our comprehensive Wellness Programs can be tailored to fit your particular needs.

Programs include:

  • • Group Corporate Wellness Programs
  • • Rehabilitation for drivers, bringing them back to health
  • • Safety Blitz: Includes biometric screening, flu shots
  • • Nutrition, Weight Loss, Exercise, Life Style

Corporate Screening [Request more info]

When it comes to managing your company’s medical monitoring operations, DISA can completely take over these time-consuming and often complex procedures, leaving you more time to grow your business and concentrate on customer service. DISA can design, implement and administer your entire occupational health care program on a national basis, thus relieving the burdens of these programs can place on your human resources department.


We maintain a network of physicians nationwide who have been thoroughly pre-screened and meet strict compliance guidelines. All physicians are re-evaluated annually by our Medical Director to assure that they are performing in accordance with our strict guidelines.


At DISA, we also understand the concerns of employees when they are subjected to drug testing. Our highly trained technicians are sensitive to the needs of your employees and conduct the tests in a manner that protects employees’ privacy and maintains their dignity.


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